Daily Archives: January 13, 2009


This is a true story about Reina Hardesty, a 13-year old girl who sent 14,538 TEXT MESSAGES in a month.  It inspired me to write an imagined text message conversation between me and Reina.

~ReInA~:  @ mall

Liam:  What?

~ReInA~: hey were r u?

Liam:  At home as always.  You?

~ReInA~: lolz @ mall

Liam:  Oh.  I think I read about you on the news today.

~ReInA~: lolz oopz

Liam:  Were those all to me?

~ReInA~: Duno

Liam:  I’m impressed.  Clearly I have an adversary.

~ReInA~:  wt

Liam:  You’re not making any sense.

~ReInA~: f

Liam: oh ok.  I see you were trying to type wtf

~ReInA~:  h

Liam:  Never mind.  I never thought I’d say this and mean it, but don’t text me anymore.

~ReInA~:  y?

Liam:  Because you have a problem.  You’re just texting letters at this point.  Maybe try saying something  that has some imp

Liam (page 2):  act.

~ReInA~:  Oh.  I see the error of my wayz.

~ReInA~:  *ways