Llegando Al Cuzco

I´m here!

6 states, 3 trains, 4 flights and 3 apartments later I have finally arived in my destination city of Cuzco, Peru.

Yesterday my plane landed high in the mountains where Cuzco is situated at around 8am.  I had spent the previsous night in the bright and loud Lima airport, the night before that on an airplane and the night before that on an air mattress in the hallway at Krystyna´s.  And the night before that?  On a train.

Needless to say I was exhausted and befuddled.  I spent the rest of the morning and afternoon sleeping and trying to catch my breath and bearings in this new place.  I am feeling very anxious, and in need of some social contact.  Today I was introduced to the hostel,  and read about the kinds of things I will be doing as a volunteer.  Today around 3pm I will be coming back here to participate in my first day of volunteering.  I hope to meet some more people my own age, since the past 48 hours have been pretty lonley.  Everyone I´ve met so far only speaks Spanish, so that has been making me feel pretty isolated, not to mention my lack of vocabulary and atrocious gramatical structure make it very hard to express myself.

Anyway, this is just a brief post to let you all know I´m here.  Look for more soon, with pictures!

One response to “Llegando Al Cuzco

  1. Hey Liam, I am hoping things are getting better for you and I am hoping you find some English speakers. Maybe you’ll have to hang out in the touristy area just to find some English.

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