A Playlist For Your Maine Gay Wedding

Anyone wanna gay marry me?

Cause if you’re a dude, we can!  As of a few minutes ago, my home state, Maine, The Way Life Should Be, has legalized gay marriage.  Passed by the senate and then the house yesterday, honorable Gov. Baldacci had 10 days to sign the bill to make it legal.  As a Governor who has oddly previously opposed gay marriage but has been a constant champion for civil rights signed it in one day.  You go, boy.  You’re looking sexier than ever, Mr. B.

I hope this is an indication of what this all really seems to be: a domino effect.  There’s less and less point in resisting, I think once the first few blocks have fallen, the rest will tumble.  Here’s a short little playlist to listen to today if you are in Maine, enjoy Maine, or are secretly planning on gay marrying me some day.

1.  Gay Messiah-  Rufus Wainwright

2.  I Kissed A Girl- Krappy Perry

3.  More Adventurous-  Rilo Kiley (you listen carefully, it could be about gay marriage)

4. All The Girls Love Alice-  Elton John

5.  Twist And Shout-  The Beatles

6.  Iowa-  Dar Williams

7.  I Will Survive-  (your choice, I recommend Cake’s version)

8.  Somewhere Over The Rainbow/What A Wonderful World- Israel Kamakawiwo’ole

9.  California (Here We Come [again])-  Phantom Planet

10.  D.A.N.C.E.-  Justus

11.  The Book of Love-  Magnetic Fields

12.  We Run This-  Missy Elliot

13.  Crazy Little Thing Called Love-  Queen

Enjoy!  Ask me if you quesiton one of these choices, or write in your own!

4 responses to “A Playlist For Your Maine Gay Wedding

  1. First of all, I really appreciate the fact that you got the worst picture of Baldacci ever.

    Second of all, I Kissed a Girl, as fun as it is to work out too, is essentially “I Kissed a Girl but No Homo.” I feel like it should be replaced with Sia’s Natale’s Song, or Dar’s As Cool As I Am. Or perhaps even The Christian’s and the Pagans, if it’s a winter wedding.

    Your Sistah

  2. hahahahaha.
    no homo.

    also, let’s be honest, there’s nothing secret about our plan to get gay married.

  3. also, (disclaimer: nerd attack approaching) Baldacci looks like a ferengi.

  4. Mike Russell

    Good suggestions. Please let me add Yoko Ono’s pro-gay marriage song “Every Man Has a Man, Every Woman Has a Woman.”

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