Liam TXTs Scott Brown

Ok, first of all, I have to get something off my chest.  Suppose Martha Coakley had a photograph easily googled that was equivilent to this:

How much more would she have lost by?  How would the media have treated it?  What would Sarah Palin say?

I was a resident of Boston for four years.  I got to live there and watch Duval Patrick get voted into office, and to watch Kerry lose everything.  Though I can’t say much about Ohio’s politics, I’m glad I’m living in Columbus now, rather than in the zombie city of Boston.  Once again, I have been let down by my native New England.  First Maine, “The Way Life Shouldn’t Be” state, voted to take away my rights to marry the one I love.  Now Massachusetts is trying to see to it that even though I work full time for education, I should have to pay out of my measly educator’s salary if someone hits me while riding my bicycle.  Perhaps I should quit my job and work for Target to get health insurance.  After all, America is all about letting corporations fund things that they should have nothing to do with.

Though, in my rage, I couldn’t resist sending a text to my friend Sen. Scott Brown, after seeing his above photo.

So here it is, my text conversation with Mr. Brown:

Liam:  WOAH!  Scorching Picz Mr. B!

Brownie:  I’m going to assume you are talking about my daughters, who are most definitely suited for marriage.

Liam:  I’m talking about you, u sexy thing.  I know there’s something behind that hand. 😛

Brownie:  R u a homo?

Liam:  Tut tut!  You’re leading Massachusetts now.  Can’t be saying thingz like that.

Brownie:  Right.  Gotta love the queers now.

Liam:  Almost there.  Still offensive.

Brownie:  Sry.

Liam:  So you really gonna guilloutine health care for the poor?

Brownie:  You mean health care for the lazy?  Yes.

Liam:  Cold man.  Cold and out of touch.

Martha Coakley:  Shhhh…you’ll wake him from his self-comforting, voluntary blindness.

Brownie:  …

Liam:  Take a seat.  Both of you.

5 responses to “Liam TXTs Scott Brown

  1. very biting and up to the minute Liam. Keep it coming.

  2. Great stuff. I’m going to start reading your blog all the time. You should write more often.

  3. My thumbs are in the air.
    1) I enjoy so much the moniker “Brownie;” if you thought he was sexy before, try imagine him hopping toadstools in a little brown skirt. Personally, I think he should take leave of the Gnomes and enter in with the Fairy clan. He might learn something.
    2)Move to Canada! (*Possibly Pertinent Proclamation: I am Canadian.)

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