About This Strange Blogger

So you want to know the whole story?

Liam Carnahan is 23 years old, but that will probably change.  He was born in a small town in Pennsylvania called Oley Valley, and from this experience is is able to identify three separate types of manure just by smell.  His father is a liberal minister and his mother is a social worker.  There was also this other really smart girl kicking around named Sarah, who turned out to be his sister.

He moved from Oley Valley to Long Island, NY at the age of six after his father took a job there.  Liam grew up attending a Quaker school on a scholarship as one of the only non-Jewish kids in the class, and also one of the only students existing at home in less than an upper-class atmosphere.  It was, to say the least, an eye-opening experience.

After the Carnahan Clan moved on to Portland, Maine, which is just like Portland, Oregon except colder, way smaller, older, and a completely different layout and culture.  This was when Liam was in 7th grade.  Attending Lincoln Middle School he decided that all people between the ages of 12 and 14 should be kept away from each other at all costs for the good of humanity until they get their hormones straight.  Instead, he learned, we corral them into a building and try to teach them about photosynthesis.

Reemerging from Lincoln, Liam found the rest of puberty to be a breeze, until he realized he was gay.  Then he panicked for a few months, and then reassembled into his normal tranquil state.  He finished high school and, on somewhat of a whim, decided to fall in love with Emerson College’s creative writing program.

At Emerson he rolled around Boston for four years, meeting writers and thinkers and very insane, very drunk people, and some people who were all of those things at once, and on graduation had a pretty clear idea that the last thing he wanted in life was to have a normal life.

Now Liam is in constant pursuit of a strange, interesting and beautiful life.  This blog is a catalog of how he’s doing that, or perhaps an examination of his triumphs and failures at trying to make this dream a reality.

The twist?  He has $61,276 in debt and refuses to sink into a career at such a young age.

If you are interested to see how he’s doing, or perhaps would like to live a life similar to his, than read the blog.  You’ll find his tips on saving money, traveling, politics, food, music, books, living with debt and his observations about the strange planet earth.

Share your ideas, rearrange mine with your comments, or lend me your support.  I’ll need it all.

Also feel free to shoot me an email about ANYTHING at liam.carnahan@gmail.com.