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Don’t talk to me about the World Cup

Seriously, don’t.

Once again, I took a mini-hiatus from this bloggy.  This whole writing for 8 hours straight about inane topics for my job is really taking away my desire to write blogs, or even look at electronic screens, after my work day is over.  But as the world slowly creeps onto the edge of its seats in anticipation of watching some pot smokers battle some mullets on a field in South Africa, I feel compelled to say this on behalf of all of those out there who, like me, aren’t going to watch:

Please, please, please don’t talk to me about the World Cup.  I don’t care, and I don’t want to talk about it or even listen to you talk at me about it.  Thanks.

I understand that many people are excited about this.  I get that for a lot of folks out there, this is like the Olympics, maybe even more exciting.  I see how it is a unique opportunity for nations to come together for some competition that doesn’t result in actual bloodshed.  These things are nice, but they don’t make me, personally interested.

Anyone who knows me intimately is aware that I actually harbor a dislike, rather than just an apathy for sports.  The World Cup has helped me focus on why I have this deep-seated spite.

In American culture, and it appears, in many other cultures across the globe, sports seem to hold some sort of special place in the public consciousness.   It has its own thick section in most newspapers, thousands of websites dedicated to discussion of every game imaginable, and I swear there are over 200 ESPN channels that even get their own special green color on my OnDemand.  What gives?

In my family, my father is what one might call fanatical when it comes to baseball.  It’s endearing, but it’s also borderline obsessive compulsive.  Even he understands, however, the frustration my mother and I feel when we are preparing to watch an engaging and intellectual program, such as 60 Minutes or King of the Hill, only to be interrupted by a football game going into overtime.  For some reason I don’t comprehend, more Americans would rather watch fat men in tight pants call time-outs repeatedly then learn about, oh, I don’t know, the current status of ground zero.

I’m not sure what it is, but sports have been placed on such a high pedestal that claiming to have no interest in them is often regarded with open remarks of ridicule.  Why is that acceptable?

What really bothers me, though, is when people try to force me to talk about FIFA (Which, I may point out, is a terrible title.  Federation and Association in the same acronym?  Someone call an editor.)  Allow me to give you the following anecdote:

I had just finished a rather satisfying bathroom experience, and was washing my hands, when a surprisingly well dressed crazy person started babbling about nonsense to me.  He was asking me questions, but moving on before I could comprehend what he was saying, as the insane are wont to do.

And then I realized, he wasn’t a person off his medications at all.  No, in fact, he was what appeared to be a businessman trying to talk to me about the World Cup.

Before I could even gather myself to say something back to him, probably my usual phrase, “Oh, I missed that game,” he was gone, muttering to himself that he had to catch the next inning (or whatever) of the game as he walked out.

Two words:  Unnacceptable behavior.  I am interested in a wide variety of topics, as some may gather from this blog.  However, I do not go talking to strangers in bathrooms about my mundane interests.

Imagine, for a moment, if I cornered a man after he had just passed a sizable stool and tried to force him to talk to me about the recent scientific endeavor to mix the DNA of goats and spiders to make a super strong silk-milk material.  I would be regarded as out of my mind, no?  That would be a socially inappropriate move, yes?

And yet, in our society, it is perfectly acceptable for men to talk to each other in bathrooms about other men kicking a little ball at each other.  Frankly, I don’t get it.

I was routinely “informed-against-my-will”  during the basketball world series (or whatever), and I expect to be regularly uncomfortably confronted about the World Cup this weekend, and probably for several days afterward.  So if you find yourself compelled to chat with me about the big game, I ask you to limit yourself to the following topics:

  • Vuvuzelas
  • How hot David Beckham is
  • What kind of cocktails you will be offering me for free if you are hosting a World Cup party

Anyway, there’s my monthly rant.  Maybe not my most informative post, but hopefully there are others who sympathize with me.  And if you have a reason why you think sports should be held in such high esteem, please, enlighten me!

I’ll be back with something more…substantial…soon.  I hope.


Look at that, one day after I said I wasn’t going to be blogging as much I feel like posting a blog.  Maybe I just needed to get back into my groove-thang.

Usually I give a little background on the person who sent me a post-worthy text, but I think we are all a little too familiar with BP and his shennanigans regarding a teeny-tiny oil spill.   Just look at this text.

BPizzle:  FML

LIAM:  What now?

BPizzle:  Fucking saw got stuck in the pipe.

LIAM:  😦  Wasn’t it dipped in diamondz?

BPizzle:  Yeah.  I had my own African-child-slaves mine the diamonds too.  😦

LIAM:  You suck.

BPizzle:  Don’t blame me.

LIAM:  Why not??  Itz ur fault.

BPizzle:  Blame Americanz who need oil to run their cars.

LIAM:  Omg, srsly?  I ride a bike.

BPizzle: LOL.  Faggot.

LIAM:  Corporate Satan.

BPizzle:  More like Corporate Santa.  BA-ZING.

LIAM:  No…pretty sure you’re more like Satan.

BPizzle:  Corporate Satin?

LIAM:  How do you figure?

BPizzle:  Have u ever touched an endangered bird covered in oil?  So soft…like satin.


BPizzle:  }:-)

LIAM:  So how are you gonna fix this mess?

BPizzle:  Um…no idea.  Figure the oil will stop on its own eventually.

LIAM:  but…


The Invisible Blogger

Hey all.  I am entering this blog post with my head hung low.  It has been ages since I posted, and my life has changed dramatically.

I have made what can only be called a triumphant return to Boston, and have settled into an interesting (to say the least) and busy job, and a lovely and strange apartment.

On paper, I am a “news and content writer”, which is nice.  However, what this means is that I show up at an office and begin writing at 9am, and typically don’t stop until 4pm  when it’s time to edit and post news articles on a variety of topics.  For instance, today I wrote about credit card reform, how to decorate your home for a party, what Brangelina did for their Memorial Day, and about a new restaurant in Harrisburg, PA.   Wild.

This typically means that during my free hours, the last thing I want to do is sit down and blog.  But I’m working on it.  Actually, I have to say, this feels pretty good right now.

So hopefully as this job progresses and I get more into the groove of things, I’ll be able to post more.  Until then, enjoy my best friend’s incredible blog that is, in an almost ethereal way, coming out of slumber just as mine is beginning to take a bit of a break.

It’s right here, waiting for you.

This is not goodbye, Arnie.  It’s just a reminder that I am still here, and hope to return to a regular schedule of blogging.  Maybe one short blog a week and a one longer blog a month?  Though I may be being am-bitch-ous with that estimate.  We’ll see.

Anyway, keep your eyes peeled.  I hope to be back here with more words soon!

Friendships with Corporate Persons

The only upside I can see to the Supreme Court’s recent decision to allow corporations to fund political campaigns is the phrase “Corporate Persons”.  Every day American corporations are a humanized by the media and their own advertisements.  It’s flat out weird.  The entire concept of giving a big, scary, money-loving corporation the same rights as me is so bizarre I feel like the world has gone mad(der).  Hey, here’s a question, if corporations get the same rights as individuals, can a boy corporation marry another boy corporation?

Rather than discuss the horrors (or merits as some argue) of this ruling, I think it would be more fun to imagine what my life would be like if I actually had to be friends with the corporations I deal with on a daily basis.  I’m not a big consumer, so lucky for me I wouldn’t have as many corporate person-friends as some others.  But here are the ones I would have, and how I imagine our relationship would go.

Boost Mobile

Yes, I’m an owner of a boost mobile piece of poop cellphone.  As both a poor man and a frequent traveler, it helps not to be tied down to a contract.  I usually have my phone on me, even if I often screen calls.  So Boost Mobile would always be hanging out.

Appearance: I imagine a rather surly, methed-out yokel in their 20s.  Androgynous, spaced out (possibly tripping on some psychedelics that are not safe) but for the most part harmless.

Most Annoying Habit: Boost Mobile friend would be like my secretary.  Now, imagine the person described above trying to relay messages to me.  First, half of the messages I get s/he would keep to him/herself, or reveal them only after they were no longer relevant.  S/he’s even worse at sending out messages.  When I send him/her on a mission to text a friend, s/he often screams the message and pretends it urgent, even if it’s not.  S/he also is fond of putting in words or characters that I did not include in my original message.  And sometimes when I give him/her a task, s/he puts up his/her middle finger at me and goes to sleep.

Best Characteristic: I really can’t think of one, other than without Boost Mobile people would have a harder time trying to find me.  Boost Mobile would have no games, no style, no personality and no ability to troubleshoot him/herself.



I may as well be surgically attached to my iPod touch and my MacBook.  Because I work inside the internet, my old and tired laptop is my livelihood.  When not hunched over like an ape editing, I am probably walking or biking somewhere and listening to my iPod.  Even when I’m on the toilet I do crossword puzzles on my iPod.  Lovely image right?

Appearance: I think Apple would probably be a sort of sexy, nerdy, smug…oh wait.  It’s this guy.

The guy on the right. The guy on the left and I aren't on speaking terms anymore. But I kind of miss him.

Most Annoying Habit: Well, Mac and I have made the poor choice to mix friendship and business.  So half of the time we have a GREAT time hanging out, listening to NPR and chatting with our other friends.  We also have been known to get rather intimate, though it has yet to go beyond watching porn together.  But, on the flipside, he can be really slow and irritable.  He also is great at distracting me from actually producing any actual work.

Best Characteristic: He’s a know-it-all, and acts like he better than me.  He’s incredibly smart, but he’s very secretive about where he gets his information.  All-in-all a mostly OK guy.

Apple’s Twitter: I command my followers to be really annoying about the iPad.

The Salvation Army

I try not to buy too many clothes; I prefer comfy and familiar clothes that I can pack up quickly to hoards of really stylish stuff.  Hence I always look “good” but I rarely look “great!”  Most of my clothing comes from human-friends or second-hand corporate-friends that deal in as The Salvation Army.

Appearance:  Dumpy, possibly insane Christian.  Overbearing in almost every way.  Her style is questionable, and perhaps unsafe.  Her hair is a mess.

Most Annoying Habit: It’s a tie between her unmistakably terrible odor (my mom says it’s the smell of humanity) and the fact that I know she witnesses for Christ and hates gay people when we’re not hanging out together.

Best Characteristic: She gives almost constant fashion advice.  %99.9 is so far off the mark that I usually just laugh at her.  Like that time she suggest I wear pleated 49 waist pants and a floral blouse.  But occasionally she gets something right, and comes up with a sweet t-shirt or a surprising pair of jeans.

The Salvation Army’s Twitter:  YELLOW TAG- 10% OFF, BLUE TAG- %50 OFF, ORANGE TAG- SOILED


Though most of my everyday clothing is second hand, I have 3 essential items that all come from the great Maine icon LL Bean: My amazingly light, warm, green and frumpy winter coat, my amazingly light, warm, purpleish-gray and frumpy winter boots, and my used LL Bean bright blue backpack with the name “Arjun” inscribed on it from a previous owner.

Appearance: Definitely a true Mainer, but one of the better looking ones (if there is such a thing).  Fit but sturdy, reserved but practical, and probably staring down at me disapprovingly from a sailboat.

Most Annoying Habit: Sweatshop labor.

Best Characteristic: Definitely makes sure I’m warm and comfy.  Not as concerned with style, but it won’t let me leave the house without a snuggly outfit.  Actually, this kinda sounds like my mom…

LL Bean’s Twitter: This sleeping bag is also a hiking stick, shoe insert, fishing pole, hat and water bottle.


Oh the sordid, twisted web of a relationship I have with my primary loan agency, SallieMae.  Basically my college forced me to use this evil organization (instead of other more responsible loan companies) to pay for my obscenely expensive college education.  I’ll be paying off SallieMae for the rest of recorded time.

Appearance: A big, fat man in a pin stripe suit with a cigar in his mouth laughing evilly, mixed with a really unhelpful woman with a Florida accent wearing a headset who refuses to speak proper English or make compromises.

Worst Habit:  SallieMae is the worst friend ever.  She waits until I get paid for working, then she takes all of the money to her house and sits on it.  She’s one of those friends who has too much money, but still requires more and refuses to share any.  She’s constantly suggesting that I may have made a big mistake, despite my insistence that she shut the fuck up.  She’s also constantly screwing over a bunch of my friends.  She comes from a family of companies, many of whom are awful, some of whom are OK, but none who are as evil and sick as Sallie.

Best Characteristics: She paid for my life in college.  However, she constantly rubs this fact in my face, and when I compare her to some of her international brothers and sisters I just want to kick her in the genitals.


Liam TXTs Scott Brown

Ok, first of all, I have to get something off my chest.  Suppose Martha Coakley had a photograph easily googled that was equivilent to this:

How much more would she have lost by?  How would the media have treated it?  What would Sarah Palin say?

I was a resident of Boston for four years.  I got to live there and watch Duval Patrick get voted into office, and to watch Kerry lose everything.  Though I can’t say much about Ohio’s politics, I’m glad I’m living in Columbus now, rather than in the zombie city of Boston.  Once again, I have been let down by my native New England.  First Maine, “The Way Life Shouldn’t Be” state, voted to take away my rights to marry the one I love.  Now Massachusetts is trying to see to it that even though I work full time for education, I should have to pay out of my measly educator’s salary if someone hits me while riding my bicycle.  Perhaps I should quit my job and work for Target to get health insurance.  After all, America is all about letting corporations fund things that they should have nothing to do with.

Though, in my rage, I couldn’t resist sending a text to my friend Sen. Scott Brown, after seeing his above photo.

So here it is, my text conversation with Mr. Brown:

Liam:  WOAH!  Scorching Picz Mr. B!

Brownie:  I’m going to assume you are talking about my daughters, who are most definitely suited for marriage.

Liam:  I’m talking about you, u sexy thing.  I know there’s something behind that hand. 😛

Brownie:  R u a homo?

Liam:  Tut tut!  You’re leading Massachusetts now.  Can’t be saying thingz like that.

Brownie:  Right.  Gotta love the queers now.

Liam:  Almost there.  Still offensive.

Brownie:  Sry.

Liam:  So you really gonna guilloutine health care for the poor?

Brownie:  You mean health care for the lazy?  Yes.

Liam:  Cold man.  Cold and out of touch.

Martha Coakley:  Shhhh…you’ll wake him from his self-comforting, voluntary blindness.

Brownie:  …

Liam:  Take a seat.  Both of you.

Liam Txts KIM JONG-IL (and otherz)

I sent a few txts to my friend Kimmy after I heard he released those two journalists with the help of the Clintons.  Here’s our conversation.

LIAM:  Thx for understanding about L & E!

ALMIGHTY KJL:  No prob.  Ur Clinton man apologized.

LIAM:  That’s not what i heard.


LIAM:  Hill said he didn’t.

ALMIGHTY KJL:  She is a disrespectful beast woman.  ALL PRAISE FATHER KIM-IL SU


LIAM:  Ur weird.  How u feelin’?


LIAM:  mmmk.  Also not what I heard.

ALMIGHTY KJL:  U hear wrong!  All the time!

LIAM:  Just reading the news.

ALMIGHTY KJL:  U watch Korean Central News Agency?

LIAM:  Um, no.  NPR


LIAM:  l-sung.  I know.


LIAM:  No u don’t.  Ur just mad cuz ur dying.

SLICK WILLY:  He’s seriuz.  Watch out.

LIAM:  Bill!  How are you in on this txt?



LIAM:  Politicianz…yikes


GEORGY DUBZ:  lolz yeah



Twitter Spam

Just a quick little blurble.

I don’t quite understand the joys of twitter that so many have found, but I am learning.  But one thing about twitter that I find very amusing are the twitter spammers.  (Can we call them Spitters?)  I’m not sure what their intention is, possibly to add viruses to twittiots (I’m on a roll) who click on their links.  Or maybe it’s just to spread chaos.  I’m hoping for the latter.

Anyway, LeannBauer tried to follow me on twitter today.  She looks like a classic moss (see definition 3), and she was currently tweeting about how she “needed an older men who knew how to f*** me right”.  I don’t think she knows me very well.

Anyway, I noticed that though Leann was following 292 people, there were 2 people following her tweets.  I was thinking, who would be silly enough to do that, and then I looked and saw that it was 2 OTHER SPAMMERS!  Wow!  There’s something very funny, and slightly poetic about all of these fictitious girls looking for sex out there, just hollowly tweeting at each other in cyberspace…

By the way, if you’re not looking for an older man, feel free to follow my tweets here.


For those of you who haven’t read the tidbit of newsrotica about Gov. Mark Sanford’s weird tryst in Argentina, check it out here or here or here.  Here is the text message conversation I had with Mark while he was “hiking” with some Argentine lady.

Liam:  Where r u??????

GovMarky:  hikin

Liam:  Liar.  Every1 is freaking out.

GovMarky:  y?

Liam:  Cuz Joel is lying like crazy and no1 knows where u r.  Not even Jenny or the boiz.

GovMarky:  Im fine.

Liam:  If u tell me where you are I won’t tell anyone.  Promise.

GovMarky:  Cross your heart?

Liam:  Yep.

GovMarky:  ill waterboard u if you tell

Liam:  lol its not torture jk

GovMarky:  lol 4 serius

Liam:  k so?  where u at gov?

GovMarky:  Argentina

Liam:  WUT??? Y???

GovMarky:  can’t help it if i luv the latina spices

GovMarky:  :-p

Liam:  Ur cheatin?

GovMarky:  I’m cryin’.  Been cryin’ for 5 dayz.  Comin’ home 2morrow.

Liam:  And after all the grief you gave to Bill C.?  How do you explain yourself?

GovMarky:  don bring that up.  he was a dem.

Liam:  Hippocrite.

GovMarky:  Homo.

GovMarky:  Homocrit.

Liam:  I think u just game up with a term for all those repubs who are screwin dudes and banning gay marr.

GovMarky:  lol at least mine is a lady…

GovMarky:  u wanna grab a beer 2gether when I get back?

Report Card: Gay Folks from TV Land

Ah, television.  The best place to go to find mind-numbing, soul crushing shit.  I don’t watch much TV, and what I do watch I watch online (I can’t stand commercials).  But as much as I may try to deny it, Television is one of those pieces of media that works like a fun-house mirror.  Those greedy cunning folks in the television business take what is out here in the real world, and reflect it back through the tube after adding drama, adventure and witty comebacks.

And of course, types and classes of people are subject to this regurgitation as well.  Ever since All in The Family featured a homosexual character in 1971, gay men and women have been popping up like pretty rainbow colored daisies on all types of shows.  Though there are more and more appropriate portrayals of gays and lesbians on TV every season, some of them seem to come up with some pretty hefty thorns that stick in the side of gay progression.  So here’s my review of the best and worst portrayals of gays on TV.  I know that I have left a lot of characters out, but like I said I don’t watch a lot of TV.  I have heard about good characters on shows like Firefly, Veronica Mars and Dr. Who, so if you watch any shows and feel someone deserves a mention, leave a comment about them.


1.  Ellen Degeneres, Ellen.  Grade: B-

Since I’m only reviewing fictional characters, I’m talking old-school Ellen, not the talk show The Ellen Show.  I loved the sitcom, and watched it pretty religiously when I was in middle school.  The character Ellen wasn’t a far cry from the person actress Ellen Degeneres projects, bumbling, silly and hilarious.  It wasn’t until close to the end of the series that Ellen’s character came out, and in my own (and most critics) opinions, it’s what killed the show.  Ellen went from a show about a single, awkward woman and her anchoring friends to a show about a lesbian trying to come out of the closet.  It lost its funny, even though at the time it was a pretty daring and admirable move.  The best part came from the reactions of Ellen’s various friends, particularly Paige, Ellen’s best and surprisingly homophobic female friend.  But I think the biggest asset a gay television character can have is to live a life in which their sexuality is a part of a whole.  So Ellen lost a few points for drawing so much focus to her characters gayness.  Her grade would be lower if she hadn’t spent so many years being one of the smartest, funniest and most together gay people in the media.


2.  Oscar Martinez, The Office.  Grade:  A
God bless Oscar.  He deserves better than what he gets.  Oscar was outed in the worst way by his boss on the episode The Gay Witch Hunt, and since then would have had several giant lawsuits in his hand were any of the events on The Office real.  But Oscar is a great gay character, intelligent, kind, generous, and most importantly extremely normal.  He is not flamboyant like some of the other characters flunking characters on this list, but what I truly love about him is that he’s not overly butch either (this can be said for most of the passing characters on this report card).  Too many television writers seem to think that if your gay character isn’t going to have limp wrist syndrome, then they must wear baseball caps and play sports.  Sure there are plenty of (very sexy) gay men who are super macho, and a large portion of those aren’t even pretending to be macho.  But I think the largest group of men, particularly those Oscar’s age, are like him, not lisping but also not burping and farting.  Oscar has struck that balance I want in a long term partner.  Though I don’t think I could tolerate an accountant.


3. Lieutenant Jim Dangle, Reno 911.  Grade:  B-

Jim Dangle might be considered the main character of the fiercely funny fake cop show.  It’s always hard to grade characters from shows so offensive, because part of the gimmick of the show is making a mockery of the gay stereotype by portraying it to its fullest.  So yes, there is a lot about Dangle that could be seen as negative if you don’t get the humor: his taste for musicals, his to reveal his nutsack through the leg of his shorts.  But all being said, Dangle has somehow managed to become the leader of the group of fuck up Reno police. And though he is hopelessly stupid, he is perhaps the most intelligent member of the bunch (this is also true of the lesbian character Kimball).  The way I see it, the writers on the show (one of which is Thomas Lennon, who plays Dangle), have walked an interesting line:  they manage to make fun of the gay stereotype while also allowing the character to break the most detrimental and perhaps most prevelant stereotype: that gays are only able to be background characters, comedic or tragic supplements to the main story.

4.  Felix Gaeta, Battlestar Galactica. Grade:  D

Aside from the fact that the word Gay is built right into his name, Felix Gaeta is a terrible portrayal of a gay man.  He is whiny, nerdy, traitorous, weak and easily intimidated, and not to mention extremely annoying.  He spends much of his time singing sappy songs in a tenor voice as a way to show his longing for another life.  It wouldn’t be so bad if there was another character who was admirable and gay, but Gaeta (and the murderous lesbian captain of Pegasus who is on a handful of episodes), seems to be the only surviving gay person from Caprica who likes other dudes.  I don’t think that all gay characters need to be good people or likable, but if you’re only going to feature one I feel that there ought to be plenty of redeeming characteristics.  Gaeta is at least smart, and able to organize apparently, but he’s doing it all for the wrong reasons.  Check out this blogger’s in depth post on Gaeta’s sexuality.


5.  Sharon Tyler, Wonderfalls. Grade:  A-

Wonderfalls was a sadly shortly lived show that was about a young girl working at a Niagara Falls gift shop who receives creepy, confusing messages from inanimate animal figurines.  It was created by the same person who made Dead Like Me, and I suggest you go rent it if you can.  Sharon is the main character’s sister, and is outed in the first episode.  Sharon is not the most likable woman, she is uptight and condescending.  But unlike Gaeta, she is still a strong, realistic character.  She is a lawyer of international law, and quite witty and loyal despite her bitchy tendencies.  The only problem is the woman she ends up dating, a somewhat typical bullish woman who rides a motorcycle.


6.  David Fisher, Six Feet Under. Grade:  A

This may be my favorite show of all time, and features one of the most complex gay characters to ever be on television, David Fisher.  No other show I know of has so delicately portrayed an effeminate gay man.  David has a subtle gay-sounding voice (an incredible acting job on Michael C. Hall’s part), is obsessively neat and a sometimes sex addict.  However, even with all of these traits, he does not come off as a caricature.  Quite the opposite, David, like all of the characters, feels like someone you know.  Even more, most of the first two seasons and much of the last four focus heavily on David’s sexuality.  David comes out of the closet, and has a hell of a time of it, but it is not pathetic or comedic or tragic, it’s a delicious blend of all three.  David is the character people who know nothing about gay people should study.  He will show you the issues many gay men realistically go through as they are coming out, and trying to live a happy life in the messed up and beautiful world.  My favorite David moments come in the few brief times he is without his partner Keith (who is an excellent example of a realistic gay person who can be extremely unlikeable), when he is dating around.  The creators of the show have fun making complex, yet realistic gay characters with whom David mingles in extraordinary, unpredictable ways.  David, I don’t love you, but I love what you stand for.


7.  Jack McFarland, Will & Grace.  Grade:  F

“Jack is unashamedly vain and self-absorbed, with an adoration of all gay icons, particularly Cher, of whom he has a rare doll. (He met her once, although he mistook her for a drag queen and declared, ‘You’re not that great, Mr. Sister. I do a better Cher than you.’ It was only when she slapped him and exclaimed ‘Snap out of it!’ that he realized and promptly fainted.) He would also meet Cher in a dream where she appeared as God (complete with an entourage of ‘dancing fairies’). When Jack asked her if she was God, Cher replied, ‘That depends on what bathhouse you pray at.’ He is a fan of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, particularly lesbian character Willow Rosenberg. He also collects clippings of celebrities’ hair, including a complete collection from the four main actresses on The Golden Girls, as well as Broadway icons Bernadette Peters, Betty Buckley, Idina Menzel, and — as of season seven — Patti LuPone.

–  Wikipedia

Jack, see me after class.

Hope you enjoyed my list.  Feel free to leave a comment with grades for characters I left out!  Oh, and check out a story of mine that a wonderful British chick posted on her fascinating blog right here.  She was kind enough to post a story of mine about disappearing donut store employees, and the other writing she has posted on there is prime.

Coming up: The sleep study part III, an update on my where-and-whatabouts, and some talk about a couple new, more organized blogs…

Blurble Updates

Turns out it´s a lot harder to keep up with this blog on weeks when I´m volunteering.  Not to mention an onslaught of goodbye and birthday parties.  So here is some easy to consume updatage:

  • Life continues to be tranquilo y divertido.
  • During one of aforementioned goodbye parties, I dropped my memory card to my camera, containing 200 picutres of my trip to Puno and Lake Titicaca, in the street.
  • Walking home one morning, I found the memory card wedged between two cobblestones in the street.  Before I could bend to pick it up, a taxi drove over it.
  • I retrieved the memory card, which appeared unharmed, but apprently suffered some internal injury that can only be cured in the US.
  • Hence, I´ve decided to keep both the pictures and the post about my trip to Puno on hold, which will also facilitate in making this bloggy more up to date.
  • I have made a Peruvian friend at a bar called The Muse, mostly a gringo joint, and he has asked me to help him work behind the bar on nights when he´s the only one working.  I did it once already, and I´m doing it tonight.  It´s fun, because when someone orders a vodka-mango, I get to slice up an entire mango and blend it in a blender.  The mangos here are like none others I have ever tried.
  • I am moving, once again, out of the hostel and into an apartment with Kyle and Diana, the couple I traveled with the Puno who are getting married, and a girl named Laura, who will be going to Buenos Aires with me in April.  The apartment is private, has hot showers all the time, is closer to the center of downtown, and half the price of what I´m paying now.
  • On the first day of April, when my apartment lease runs out, I will be traveling (on what medium is yet to be decided) to Buenos Aires with a few other people, some of whom are also yet to be decided. 
  • I will staying Buenos Aires for one and a half weeks, and then will be taking an 18 hour bus ride down to Patagonia to see Penguins, Glaciers and the end of the earth. 
  • After that, I will return to Lima where I will board a plane on April 22nd, and return back to the land of the freeish, The United States. 
  • Los Angeles to be specific.  Perhaps another trip to Disney Land.  Then eventually, somehow, back to Portland, Maine where I will rejoin the working force and attempt to figure out yet another way to avoid paying off my loans in full and staying in the same place.