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Excuses, Excuses

In case you´re all wondering, whoever you are, I have made it to Buenos Aires in style and in one piece.  However, this country, though significantly more organized than Peru in most ways, falls far short of Peru´s ample and speedy internet cafes, as well as kind and helpful people.  I guess I should have expected as much, at least about the people, coming here knowing that the city was comparable to New York City in size and attitude.

But fear not, in 10 days I will be returning to Lima.  Whether I will go on from there to the USA, or stay in Lima and try to find work, has yet to be determined.  But in any event, I will be able to find a working shred of internet where I can post pictures, and talk about all the empanads, art museums, cemetaries, Jesus theme parks, maté, intense gay club experiences, soul-sucking party hostels, and hopefully by tomorrow Orca Whales and Penguins that I have seen since arriving down here.  Until then, invisibleinkling is taking a little hiatus.  For some fun reading, check out old blog posts in the archives, or visit the blogs on my blogroll.  I especially recommend my mom´s blog Throw Momma if you are hankering for like-minded stuff.