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Turns Out Jill Biden is Actually Capable of Speech

The one time I watch Oprah…

Ever since Obama won the election and she wandered out onto the stage clutching Joe’s elbow, I’ve been speculating that Jill Biden is incapable of speech.  Her smile was so big and beautiful, but to me it looked like perhaps a grin through which no words could penetrate.  She didn’t look too dumb to speak, but only appeared to me as a being that, for whatever reason, does not speak.

However, today I watched a little bit of Oprah today with my mother because the Bidens were on.  I waited patiently for Joe to be quiet to see if the 2nd lady would say something.  And then she did.

She starts off one of her answers saying “You know, Joe had the choice between Vice President and Secretary of State…” and then both Oprah and Joe made her shut up.  Everyone blushed.  It turns out that Jill has a looser jaw than her man.  Once the audience had calmed down, she pulled a Sarah Palin and started talking about something completely unrelated to what she was originally talking about.

So how long ago did Obama pick out his secretary of state?  If he gave Joe first pick, does that mean he gave Hillary leftovers?

I hope that Jill Biden continues to do things like this as the presidency continues.  That will make for a good show.

Was gonna say you heard it here first, but actually you heard it here first.