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Obama Saves The Internet

For some reason I’ve felt an aversion to reading news about our new President.  But today I read a few articles that made me too happy to ignore:

Ever since the act first came into societal consciousness, I have been following the vicious battle over net neutrality.  For those of you who don’t know much about it, net neutrality is an act that effectively blocks big companies like AT&T from placing a hierarchy on the Internet.  Some sites (read “those with money”) would be easily accessible by anyone with the Internet, while small little websites (such as this blog if it ever gets its own domain name) would be extremely slow.  So slow, I imagine, that it would not be worth waiting around for.  Here’s a fun run down of it.

So why would any company want to slow down the Internet?  Money, money, money.  The more they control the Internet, the more money they make.  And don’t you let any Anne Coulter tell you otherwise.

Obviously, since I’m not ever going to be a CEO of anything and I love the Internet, therefore I am an advocate for net neutrality.  The web, for me, is a place to go when you want to find varying, unedited opinions of everyone from nutjobs to doctors to children to criminals, and sometimes all those things at once.  The web is not like the television or other more regulated mediums; it is open too all who can access it, and it broadens communities while simultaneously facilitating independence and education.

For the past 8 years it has been shaky going, and it seemed that while the Bush Administration was at large, destruction of net neutrality was always lurking just below the surface.  But since Obama named his two FCC Review chair members, the Internet community has been aflutter with joyous buzzing.  Both chair members are strong advocates for net neutrality.

Both are highly-regarded outside-the-Beltway experts in telecom policy, and they’ve both been pretty harsh critics of the Bush administration’s telecom policies in the past year.

Their jobs will be to review the agency and arm the president, vice president and prospective agency leader with all the information needed to make key decisions as they prepare to take over.

The choice of the duo strongly signals an entirely different approach to the incumbent-friendly telecom policymaking that’s characterized most of the past eight-years at the FCC.

More of that here.

It is so nice to see that Obama is interested in surrounding his science and technology advisers with people who are actually in touch with those communities at large.  Internet lovers, breathe a sigh of relief.  Obama is, hopefully hear to help.

And let’s hope he doesn’t just stop at the Internet.  There’s a whole lineup of Reagan and Bush doctrines that need clearing up in order to facilitate a less biased media.  With more moves like this, Obama will be taking an important step towards sealing up the deadly leaks left behind by the Bushies.

Turns Out Jill Biden is Actually Capable of Speech

The one time I watch Oprah…

Ever since Obama won the election and she wandered out onto the stage clutching Joe’s elbow, I’ve been speculating that Jill Biden is incapable of speech.  Her smile was so big and beautiful, but to me it looked like perhaps a grin through which no words could penetrate.  She didn’t look too dumb to speak, but only appeared to me as a being that, for whatever reason, does not speak.

However, today I watched a little bit of Oprah today with my mother because the Bidens were on.  I waited patiently for Joe to be quiet to see if the 2nd lady would say something.  And then she did.

She starts off one of her answers saying “You know, Joe had the choice between Vice President and Secretary of State…” and then both Oprah and Joe made her shut up.  Everyone blushed.  It turns out that Jill has a looser jaw than her man.  Once the audience had calmed down, she pulled a Sarah Palin and started talking about something completely unrelated to what she was originally talking about.

So how long ago did Obama pick out his secretary of state?  If he gave Joe first pick, does that mean he gave Hillary leftovers?

I hope that Jill Biden continues to do things like this as the presidency continues.  That will make for a good show.

Was gonna say you heard it here first, but actually you heard it here first.