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A List of Things I Heard While Waiting For A Computer to Free Up, Standing On The Balcony of the Hostel in Cusco On Valentine´s Day, One Day After Friday The 13th

  1. Maria, Roxanna y Diana, trying to figure out how their new MP3 player works.
  2. A man´s voice on the radio singing in Spanish.
  3. Yanapay, the lowly hostel dog, tic-tacing across the cement below.
  4. Fernando´s footsteps, creaking on the floorboards, and gate he is opening creaking as well.
  5. A dog barking somehwere.
  6. Thunder coming from the left and far off.
  7. Some sort of rhytmic cooing.  (A mechanical pigeon?  A porno?)
  8. 3 dogs now, all fighting.
  9. A bee buzzing.
  10. A pigeon warbling, and another one flapping.
  11. A cat jumping from one roof to another.
  12. Taxis honking, like sonar around me.
  13. 4 different birds singing, like sonar around me.