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Picture Post: Taos and LA

My blog is quickly becoming the place where I am going to save all of the pictures of my trip.  Here are 4 of Taos that got left out, followed by 3 of the train trip from Albuquerque to Taos on the South West Chief.  My guess would be that they are also of New Mexico, but it could be Arizona.  More posts later today that will actually be about PERU.










Scenes from the South West Chief

Table Top

Table Top


The First Leg: Bye Bye Boston

And I’m off.

I arrived in Boston last night around 5pm.  Not much to report here, except that I believe I have to say more goodbyes in this city than I am spending waking hours here.  It’s tough, but encouraging.  Love these boos.

Leaving Portland was one of the more frantic experiences of my life.  Thanks to a tip from good Leah W., I was able to fit everything in my backpack with room to spare.  She taught me the trick of rolling up all my junk and putting it zip-lock bags, then sitting on it to vacuum seal it.  It’s a silly way to pack, especially when you have choose to zip-lock the baggies while sitting on them by reaching through your legs.  But it worked, it’s all in.  Now I weigh more than my possessions.  I have a picture of everything laid out next to the bag it’s all in.  imgp01751

This  is my whole life.

Anyway, I’ll be posting more once this trip gets a little more out of the norm, as I head through the sections of our country where hurricane Liam has never before landed.  Chicago, Santa Fe, here I come.