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Twitter Spam

Just a quick little blurble.

I don’t quite understand the joys of twitter that so many have found, but I am learning.  But one thing about twitter that I find very amusing are the twitter spammers.  (Can we call them Spitters?)  I’m not sure what their intention is, possibly to add viruses to twittiots (I’m on a roll) who click on their links.  Or maybe it’s just to spread chaos.  I’m hoping for the latter.

Anyway, LeannBauer tried to follow me on twitter today.  She looks like a classic moss (see definition 3), and she was currently tweeting about how she “needed an older men who knew how to f*** me right”.  I don’t think she knows me very well.

Anyway, I noticed that though Leann was following 292 people, there were 2 people following her tweets.  I was thinking, who would be silly enough to do that, and then I looked and saw that it was 2 OTHER SPAMMERS!  Wow!  There’s something very funny, and slightly poetic about all of these fictitious girls looking for sex out there, just hollowly tweeting at each other in cyberspace…

By the way, if you’re not looking for an older man, feel free to follow my tweets here.